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Default Re: Accessing old Pro Tools sessions in Logic

There are multiple ways to skin the cat, and it all depends on what you want to do and how much time you are willing to put into this. If you value your time at all I would not mess with Pro Tools First.

And since you are on Mac, you need to be clear what audio file formats you have, if you have old sessions with SD2 audio files you need to pay attention to that. Until recently that would have been an issue but the latest release of Pro Tools (2020.9.x) adds back SD2 file support.

Logic can't manipulate/work with Pro Tools sessions. If content is reasonably consolidated and the sessions simple and you just want the audio you can just copy the source audio files out of the session folders. Or likely more usefully you can use a current version of Pro Tools to bounce out each track and import that into Logic, or if you want more of the edit/automation etc. data to come across you can use AAF/OMF to interchange tracks.

Pro Tools First works in cloud based projects that are not compatible with sessions, but it can import Pro Tools sessions and convert them to projects. Well at least in principle. And could bounce out tracks, but not write tracks as AAF/OMF.

However Pro Tools First is crippleware and the cloud projects seem to have lots of reliability issues. And part of that crippling means limited plugin support and no ability to use most third party plugins... so if you have a bunch of plugins in your old sessions you may not be able to get them in Pro Tools First.

I personally would not waste time with First. You can get a free month long trial of Pro Tools Ultimate and if you need longer than that you can pay for Pro Tools standard by the month. Ultimate and Standard are compatible, same software install, the license key determines what versions runs. However you need to make sure your computer meets the minimal requirements for the latest version of Pro Tools (on a Mac pay lots of attention to macOS compatibility), and you may need to reinstall AAX plugins compatible with those used in old sessions.

Pro Tools (standard) and Pro Tools Ultimate, but not First also support AAF/OMF export so you import tracks into Logic via AAF or OMF, and maintain some edit and automation data. Lots of info online you can read about that.

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