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Default Re: I Got Pro Tools 7.3 to recognize 2.7GB of memory- Here's how

Hey thanks for this, I finally had the guts to try this 3GB thing out.

i7 Bloomfield / Asus PT6 / PTLE 7.4 / 002R under construction here. My Dverb-test let me put 20 more Dverbs (four more auxes ) after doing this switch / patch.

I havenīt optimized anything in XP yet, BIOS is default... , no OC... now I get 420 Dverbs 24/48. Runs really smooooth.... stunning.

One question:

I send the test tone to all the recording tracks plus the auxes so every Dverb is actually doing some work. The track count gets quite a bit higher if I only play the tone on one track. Which way is correct?

- i7 520 @ 3.6 GHz / P6T / XP32 / PTLE 8.01 . PT9 on Snow .
- PTLE8 on a macbook.

- And a bunch of miscellaneous obsolete hardware from the past. Like Mix ++++ 64 i/o with Control/24

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