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Default Bug : sync issue with video

Hi all,

I am using Pro tools 2018 and I have a strange issue regarding sync with video.

(I think this is a clock issue but I don't know how to solve it).

I have made several tests, and I still got the same result, so here is an example.

I want to add a music to a video. So I have checked the video settings (25 fps, 48.000 hz). The length of the video is 1min30.

Then I create a new session in protools with the same settings. I import the video. Everything goes well with the frames in the Edit Window and I have also the video window opened.


Then I add a music (the file is also setup at 48000hz) starting at 0:12 until the end. The music is matching exactly some key moments (00:56 and 1:10). So I am pretty happy.

And now the mystery happens.

I bounce to quicktime with the same settings as source.

When I want to play the video in a player (quicktime, VLC...) the video is no more sync with the music.
The music start 1 sec late and there is more and more delay (for example the music is 2 sec late from key moment at 56 seconds).

I tried to use another software to edit the video (Premiere Pro). and if I start the music at 0:12 (same as in Protools), the music do not sync at the key moments as in protools.

So that's a real mystery and a nightmare to compose. Because When I create a music sync with a video. In fact, the tempo is not right in reality, only in the DAW.

I have tried everything. Could you help me, you"re my only hope !
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