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Default Re: Focusrite 18i8, iMac High Sierra, Midi keyboard

Originally Posted by Ben Jenssen View Post
What version of PT?
Are you using an instrument track and a VI, or trying to record the keyboard output?
Help Us Help You
Thanks for the link to "help us help you". I will read through it. The "troubleshooting for Mac" looks like fertile ground to dig into.

I am using PT 2019.10.0.

Hardware Setup is set to Scarlett 18i8. When I open the Setup app, I see the Scarlett device. Not sure what to pay attention to there.

Playback Engine is set to Scarlet 18i8 USB, 512k samples, the rest default.

Peripherals MIDI controllers is set to HUI and Yamaha P-105 for input and output.

I/O has 4 stereo lines (eight total), one for SPDIF and four ADAT pairs for input, and 4 pairs for output.

When I open a test project, after a moment PT presents an alert that says PT cannot communicate with the HUI.
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