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Default Re: legacy PACE License Support crashes Windows 10, couldn't install Pro Tools 11 (RE

Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this post.

I would just like to briefly share my experience and how I fixed the issue which may or may not be achievable for everyone.

Firstly must I say the fix was found in one of the posts here and it relates to the newer version of Windows 10.

I have an old Mbox 2 and had an old PC from work which I was using to load pro tools First.

Came across the same issue as some here whereby Pro rools would moan about user privileges nor sufficient to load a low level driver.

On installing the ilok drivers from the Old Installers folder, same thing happened to me, BSOD in windows 10 and was related to the TPkg.sys file that has been mentioned here.

I had also been using a laptop with the hardware and had no past issues until I built this PC. I though it was the age of the PC then found this post.

The fix was to download an older version of windows 10 and reimage the whole computer using this. I noticed my laptop was on an older build which ties in to what others have been saying about Interactive desktop being disabled on new builds causing issues.

After that I installed the ilok drivers straight after the re image and then they worked fine. I then upgraded through normal windows update and now all is working fine.

for reference I used Windows 10 1703 build which is the Creators Update.

I had the luxury of being able to reimage and it fixed my issue.

Hope this helps someone who is having similar issues and thanks to the commenters for the help with this

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