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Default Re: legacy PACE License Support crashes Windows 10, couldn't install Pro Tools 11 (RE

Originally Posted by kevindubois View Post

So after ripping my hair out for hours a few nights ago, I finally reached a solution! When PT11 prompted the install of PACE License Support (as it always did, even though I had the newest version already installed), I clicked install, as I was always forced to do in order to continue. But, when Windows 10's action center popped up, asking if I trust the developer and wanted to install the software, I hit DON'T INSTALL. The PT11 install software did not error out and continued on as normal, allowing me to install PT11! I've tested Pro Tools and everything runs as it should.
I just wanted to let you know that you can fully bypass the installation step where it tries to install the legacy pace drivers. You simply open the installer folder, enter the PT folder and run the "Avid Pro Tools.exe" only. This starts the installation of Pro Tools 11 directly.

And to the ones trying to install PT10 on the latest Windows 10 build I can just say sorry. You will need to be a hell of a hacker to hack all the licenses to get the Air Creative collection to work, and I don't even think it's possible at this point.

I've been at this for a week now, and at the point where I almost sendt half my coputer back to the store for replacement when I found my issue. After some trying and failing with PT10 (as I just liked it better and had more compatible plugins) I was so happy that I read this post and found that PT11 will actually work still. Luckilly some of my plugins also have 64-bit licence.

So thanks to the thread starter!
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