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Default S6L snapshots and mix presets

Hi everybody.

I'm a bit of a newbie on my S6L - just recently transferring from another brand.

A quick question about snapshots in stage monitoring use... I have a show with around 20-30 songs which I need to run on a snapshot-per-song -basis. The house band is rehearsing on day one running through all the songs so I have different mixes per player per song. Then on day two I have the guests vocalists coming in... Some of them are performing 2-3 songs so my issue is the following.

Is there a way to store a "mix preset" i.e. the send levels from input channels to a certain mix and then loading that preset in another snapshot? I would need this to recall the next song to be rehearsed without affecting the already rehearsed band mixes and being able to load the previous guest mix. One workaround I've been using is to unscope the guest mix from "User aux scope" while recalling the song and then re-scoping it immediately after recalling - this works but takes some time and I was thinking of a more convenient way to do this.

Am I missing something obvious or is this just an RTFM issue? Thanks.

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