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Default Re: ilok - someone elses security system you pay f

I've resisted commenting on this for some time, but since you won't let it go, I can't help but comment on this kind of typical behavior in this day and age.

Part of running a business is maintaining your equipment, even the little plastic iLok. Even without purchasing zero downtime, there were things you could have done that would have made this easier, and quite possibly even avoided any problems at all if rough use by the user is what caused the iLok failure.

you're missing my point. Ilok is nothing to do with my audio equipment, its got nothing to do whatsoever with recording mixing and producing music, its a security device to protect the authors software from piracy. it doesn't help me do a better mix, or get a better performane, it simply protects the people who wrote the software from piracy.

I object to this system costing me money, and (I) locking me into a system that will cost me and continue to cost ME money to maintain.
a challenge response system does not cost me money to maintain.
you're mine and everyone's ilok is going to fail at some stage and we're all going to have to deal with it. and we're all going to have to pay for that miantainance. I object to that. you're cool with it. sweet. mind pay for mine?


Blaming everyone else because you didn't do either:
My key is presently going, I opened it and repaired it myself. I look after it, don't treat it badly and still it faulted. this time I could fix it, next time?
I can't get to see my key, I can not syncronise for what ever reason.
Ilok will look into it for me, but I've got to give em my credit card number first.
they may well not charge me, but they also might.
not a system I like.
luckily my dealer is going to look into it, but I have to post em my key, have some down time, a few days.

your key is going to fault sometime. shall I shut up until you feel its a problem? then maybe you can solve it for all of us?
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