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Default Re: ilok - someone elses security system you pay f

I've resisted commenting on this for some time, but since you won't let it go, I can't help but comment on this kind of typical behavior in this day and age.

Part of running a business is maintaining your equipment, even the little plastic iLok. Even without purchasing zero downtime, there were things you could have done that would have made this easier, and quite possibly even avoided any problems at all if rough use by the user is what caused the iLok failure.


Synchronize your iLok before you have problems, so all the vendors can give you temporary licenses in the event of a problem.
Price: free

Dongle Buddy
"This flexible 8 inch (20 cm) USB cable extender is custom made to help protect your iLok from accidental damage."
Price: $5.95

Blaming everyone else because you didn't do either:
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