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Default Re: Ditching HD Native?

Originally Posted by JingleDjango View Post

I think I'll go with either an Apollo or Aurora.
These 2 choices are both good, BUT(the great big "BUT"), do you want to track with UA plugins? If yes, then Apollo is the only choice(because UA plugins on any other setup will likely have too much latency to track thru). With my HDN setup, I had a UA Quad card, but every single UA plugin reported at least 1100 samples of latency. So, I was never able to track with them in play(I would keep the inactive until mix). Now that I am on a FW interface, the latency is slightly higher(but acceptable at the 64 buffer @48K). Since I now stick mostly to editing and mixing, I COULD get another UA card, but I built a workflow without them, so I'm fine with other plugins(you may have different needs or desires) Just wanted you to be aware
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