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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

If it gets the job done I'm fine with the pricing. And that's where it goes wrong.

Im on support with John from AVID, and I couldn't be happier about the speed he answers al my mails with

But in the end my eucon functionalities in ProTools 2019.5 under Mojave are broken while they work in Logic

We just found out that dragging audio loops from the PT workspace browser occasionally lowers the output volume of Instruments. I initially thought this was a NI Battery4 specific problem but it turns out it happens with Xpand2! as well.
... That I better can drag audio loops from finder, but finder doesn't make my loops BPM sync and drops them on an elastic audio track while Workspace does

under Mojave tracks don't play back in sync while record armed in Low Latency mode. I have to unarm them to hear my recorded take in sync

LFO tool from Xfer is only in sync on audio tracks and MIDI tracks that are frozen, because of the way Pro Tools handles delay compensation for MIDI.

When I change automation on a frozen track the clip blanks out most of the times and I have to unfreeze and freeze again to have correct frozen audio

Just a few of the workflow breakers I come across and it makes me a little sad, because I love the interface of Pro Tools, from recording, editing to mixing. The bugs just keeps killing my workflow

Logic works totally different and not quite the way I like it but it does all of the above without bugs and it only costed me €249,- one time. That's €150,- less than 1 subscription year of Pro Tools Ultimate, while you have to buy Pro Tools Ultimate first for €2499 (soon €2599).

That price not in a way justifies the quality of software AVID delivers at the moment. Update frequency is super slow, and new releases create more bugs than they fix. 2019.5 on Mojave is definitely not delivering the stability of the 2018 releases under High Sierra. And even if there is some progress at some points, it's not a €399,- a year progress.
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