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Default Re: Pro Tools Ultimate and the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle


I called Avid using my ultimate support plan... Line was busy so I used the 1+ number and got through. A kind but busy man by the name of Mo said he would try to help me. After a brief hold he agreed with me that there was no "Complete Plugin Bundle" in my account. After another brief hold he replied this would be fixed by the end of the day. Low and behold about an hour later I received an email with a download link to the complete bundle, and instructions that a 30 day free trial license would get me started on the path to the new (Well, actually old.) plugins until Avid had this fully sorted out.

Good thing I had paid my support plan to help Avid sort out it's own issues.

As I d/l the complete bundle installer I have to wonder if Curly and Larry were close by in case Avid needed their help also...

Download is super slow and just failed... I'll post when I have it working...

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