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Default Re: Turning Off MMM Display Mode

Originally Posted by EddieJones View Post
The Master Meters are intended (like most other consoles) to be a permanent display of the Master Meters(or any meter you need to see all the time) If you have to switch to see them then that defeats the object (you could just as well switch to a Layout and back with those tracks in) We have made it so that you can add up to 2 extra screens either in the console or outside for these so as to not disturb the normal tracks.
Thanks for the response Eddie. Obviously nobody is going to pay the very large cost of adding two extra display modules just to use this feature. I'm sure not in any case. So, once again, another long awaited software update with essentially no useful features for a large group of customers while plugins still can't be loaded, basic overage indicators don't work, graphs don't even have scales and an entire section of the board is still dark. I'm sorry but I'm not being "difficult" for complaining about this. I've spent a FORTUNE on the S6.

But I do thank you for responding. There was a time when it was almost unheard of to hear from Avid directly on the DUC and you and Jeff certainly have been responsive which is very much appreciated.
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