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Default Re: New Avid S3 constant failing faders. ASC throws Visualforce error

Like I said, it's completely random.

The Eucon software mentions pops up a window that at least one fader has a problem, with the choice to reset the faders or ignore the message. Sometimes after a reset, the fader in question works again, sometimes it doesn't help and the same fader has a problem again (but it is able to move during the power cycle "animation"). Even if moving the fader manually in the hope to "dislodge" it from whatever the software thinks makes it stuck.

Same deal after a complete power cycle, sometimes it works after the first try, sometimes the problem remains.

But during my testing I found out the problem never happens while a fader is actively moving.
During a particularly bad day (faders deactivated constantly) I went into the S3 Utility mode and had the luck to be able to go to the Fader test page with all faders active. When running the test, everyhing worked. But as soon as I went to another page (encoders for example), when coming back to the fader page, some faders went dead again.

So i tried making a Pro Tools project that only contains some random volume automation for all the faders. And indeed. If I'm able to enter the project with all the faders in good shape, and run the automation in loop, all the faders keep working as long as the faders are moving (I let it run for a couple of hours, and they kept going). The first day I thought I found a "solution", because no faders went dead after I did this, for the whole day. But soon after, it randomly started dropping again. But always in a moment of inactivity.

So with those tests I'm pretty sure the problem exists in the firmware (Eucon Control isn't even running when in the Utility page). Seems like the firmware is deciding too quickly a fader is dead. None of the faders feel funny or obstructed, nor lag during motorized motion. When they work, they work as they should. But after a while, it gets pretty annoying, because you lose time trying to reset the situation, and lately, we even gave up, we just bank around the dead faders. Which is sad for such a new device.

Sadly, it's a random occurence. So I can't give any info if it's a certain action that triggers the behaviour or not.
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