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Default New Avid S3 constant failing faders. ASC throws Visualforce error

I work for a film school and we recently acquired a new Pro Tools HD|Native system, including a new Avid S3 control surface. Running on a Imac 27" 5K. Brand new install.

After a couple of days, the Eucon software randomly shows a message that oen or more faders are failing and disables those faders. Sometimes after a soft reset, they work again. Sometimes we need to powercycle the S3, sometimes even several times before it works again.

Disabled faders are completely random, although the last days, more often than not the 4th fader is wonky. Tried reinstalling (even full clean install), different OS versions, different Eucon versions, different Pro Tools versions. Same result, random drops.

I tried to file a support ticket, but after filling in all the info, the form throws a Visualforce error (tried on different browsers and computers, same deal).

Please advise.
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