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Default Re: Waves Studiorack

Originally Posted by mschatzlein View Post
Yeah, it's too bad everybody isn't going to AAX DSP, but if you are used to using a lot of Waves plug-ins, StudioRack does in fact work. I have the chains processing in a Digigrid DLS DSP, and they integrate fine into Pro Tools 11.3.1.

I don't see a big advantage to chained native plugins, but the only way to get DSP processing on Waves plug-ins is to use StudioRack and Digigrid hardware.
Again, it does work as advertised, the latency is low, and of course the plugs don't use your CPU.

The next question is the S6. Avid has a couple of its DSP plugins showing up on the screen in the MTM, but the StudioRack basically gives you gibberish for controls on the S6. Gotta set their plugs up from the computer screen rather than the control surface. Supposedly there is a standard table that plugins can write to and interact with the MTM in a rational way. It will be interesting to see if Waves makes their plugs that compatible with Avid.
Specs say you can get <1 ms for the DigiGrid IOS. Mind you any plugin latency induced is additional, such as that incurred by Linear Phase operations.

What kind of latency would you be experiencing??

By the way, did you hear the news at NAMM?? Plugin Alliance has released their first plugin for the SoundGrid platform.

I don't remember what it was, possibly Transient Designer
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