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Default Re: LCR Track outta 5.1 Output FRUSTRATION

Thanks All!

FYI I'm cutting some atmos that I had in LCR's. Long story short, the way and time we have to mix changed, so I wanted to bus everything out into 5.1's for ease (and reduce final mix time) as inputs to the desk are limited.

As suggested I made a Surround Aux for each group (room, wind, etc) of FX that I thought were surround worthy. Works well, but a little restrictive if I want to change anything on the fly.

Good lesson for me, was thinking that having LCR's would be an advantage (which it would've been), but now thinking next time I'll stick to monos and stereos.

Tracklay looks a bit messy, but with some VCA's and these new Aux's its working well. Thanks again
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