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Default Re: Machine Control Oddness...

Originally posted by 1150Post:
Hello all,

I have a couple of odd things happening with machine control and am hoping someone can help me out a tad.

First, ProTools is a new system with my company, having built two rooms to supplement our 4 AMS Neve/Logic Mixing suites. I, personally, am experienced with the AMS Audiofile, Sonic Solutions, Fairlight (somewhat), and the original Studer Dyaxis editing systems, so I'm no rookie to computer based editing systems and their unique quirks and have been doing Sound for Picture for a while.

Our first system is an HD3 with the AVOptionXL and HD Sync box driving 9 pin serial. It's beautiful. Picture is, for the first time in my career, a very simple afterthought. It is truly amazing. However, on layback to tape (HD Cam, DigiBeta, D2, BCSP), with Protools set to auto insert and a preroll of 120 frames (or more), the deck arms and executes the edit correctly, but the ProTools rig seems to start playback about 2-3 seconds late (past the in point for the edit), creating a 2 to 3 second hole of silence on the tape. It is consistent and repeatable. I've goofed with all of the prefs, and still can't seem to make it work correctly. A tad of a pain. What is the fix for this?
One question...are you using the Sync I/O for 9pin? Try a Kespan USB->serial adapter, they seem to work a bit better. Also, I have found that the Punch-in Function of MC has never been perfect. if you need perfect punches, try uploading the edit tothe deck...

Originally posted by 1150Post:

Second question.... On our second HD3 system, we're not using the AVOptionXL, and are instead using a Hard Disk Video Recorder. It, too, seems to work amazingly well except for one odd thing. When clcking and dragging (therby creating a selection), the Disk Recorder will follow when dragging backwards from where the selection started, but not forwards. It will follow forwards after having gone backwards, but not past the point where the selection was initially started. It will frame bump both ways, track while dragging fades, and pretty much work as normal except for this one glitch. This problem, too, is repeatable no matter which system the recorder is routed into, The Disk Recorder is a V-Mod 100. Is this normal?
Yes, this is normal-the Video scrubs backward becasue the insertion point is being constantly defined, whereas when moving forward the insertion point is static (Machine follows insertion selection.)

-Todd A.
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