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Default Elastic Audio Questions

I have started using elastic audio to fix some drums and it is truly amazing!
I have a few question that hopefully you guys can help me with.

1. What are the major difference between rhythmic and poly?
2. The rhythmic plug works great but it keeps making the cymbals and toms sound messed up. How can I fix that?
3. The poly plug seems to work better with the cymbals and toms do you recommend using that on the drums?
4. would it sound ok if I use the rhythmic plug on the close mics and poly on the overheads?
5. will it sound great if I use the auto functions or will it sound better if I place markers my self or do some of the other techniques I have read on this forum? if not what do you recommend?
6. have you ever tried it on rap vox? if sound did it work well?
7. what would be the drawbacks if any to using poly on drums?
8. have you found any cool tricks or effects using EA?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer any advice!
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