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Default Re: Layouts not saving to PT sessions (yes another thread)

Hi guys,
1. As far as I can tell there's no way to tell what is the currently loaded S6 Title, and therefore what Title is being updated when I choose 'Save' from the Master screen. It's not highlighted on the Load or Save page, and not displayed anywhere else I can see. I'd like to request:
1. The current S6 Title be highlighted in the Load/Save page;
2. the current S6 Title be visible on the Master display wherever possible, for example at the top of the Tracks page.

We're on S6/M40, 18.3, PT 2018.10 but I saw no mention of this as being updated in "what's new in S6 Version 19.7"

Also please point me to a solid explanation of how stored Layouts overlap between PT Session files and S6 Titles. Titles seem to have precedence?
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