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Default Re: Most affordable mixer for PT9?

Mixer? or control surface? There is a notable difference, and thats the control surface controls the DAW. i.e. move a fader on the control surface, it will move on the daw. A mixer does not do this, the faders only control the input level.

That said, mixers can be found for between 100 and 200 from behringer for 8 channels. This will be useless to you since you've only got an Mbox mini (unless you place on summing all the inputs to 2 channels).

Control surfaces are very expensive, although can be had from behringer for about 250. Its a very primitave control surface, with 8 faders, solo, mute, and some rotery encoders. Very cheap, and the faders are loud.

To be quite honest, they look cool, and its fun to watch the faders move, but dont get a control surface until you actually need one. Once you get big sessions, things are time critical, and you need to impress clients, then get one

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