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I just got a rash of these stoppng my rig after just few minutes of recording which is unusual. Iím on 2018.12.
Iím frequently recording full bands with 25-40 tracks at 96k with no problem but this happened while recording just two tracks at 48k/24 bit with a session that had one reference track, a couple of auxes for cue and nothing but a couple aax dsp plugins. There was Nothing on the auxes or master. CPU went crazy even though its a 12 core w 64 g ram. The ram cache was at 20g. That seems Way bigger than the session and the buffer was at 512. I am running my system (high sierra) from an owc ascelsior card and the audio session was on an internal 2t SSD samsung that gets checked with disk warrior and drive genius once a month. I have many of the same pieces of hardware and software as you describe includng the UAD octo pci-e. I will pull the slate plugins and see if there is any connection. I will also experiment with the disk cache size. There is an avid recommended trouble shooting bulletin for 9171 errors as well, I will check all their settings as well. Best, Dan
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