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Question Instrument Track Inserts B+ no midi signal

I am fairly new to Pro Tools 9, or rather any form of Pro Tools, and I haven't been able to find various answers for things that I have googled. It may be that I'm wording it wrong, or don't know the correct term.

I've notice if I add an instrument to Insert A of a Instrument Track, the signal from my M-Audio Keystation 88es comes through just fine and plays the virtual instrument. But if I were to add the Instrument to Insert B, or another track, I get no output. I think it is a matter of changing the instrument setting to use MIDI A or something like that. It isn't terribly important, because I can put my instrument on Insert A on all of my tracks, and maybe that is the way it is meant to work, but I'd like to know why the MIDI keyboard won't map to the other inserts.
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