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Default Re: Cannot Resize Melodyne Plugin Window (Pro Tools 12.7)

Originally Posted by YYR123 View Post
Who know where the fault lies can try a few things.

Try running a different screen resolution on your PC.
Then restart PT and see if the location is visible......

Try opening another plugin window and resizing it using the restore down/up button. That the button in between the close X and the minimize.

Look at the melodyne manual for a shortcut key press to maximise or minimize the plugin window.
Messed around some more and found a fix!

If anyone has this issue, this is what I did:

1. Changed my screen resolution to the lowest possible resolution.

2. Opened Pro tools and created a new session with I/O settings changed from Last Used to Stereo mix.

3. I then created a new insert of Melodyne plugin and the plugin window border was now FIXED.

4. I then resized the plugin window to a smaller size using the bottom right corner (now visible).

5. I reset my resolution setting back to normal and saved the session.

6. I reloaded the old session that had was bugged and the plugin window was back to normal.
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