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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

Seems like Avid doesn't know if there will be a reinstatement for Vanilla. I quote some answers I have from them:

First answer about if how much it will be charging for Vanilla reinstate:
"Thank you for contacting Avid.

Based on the price change that will take place on July 1, unfortunately, there will be no upgrade reinstatement plan available anymore.
The only options to get to the latest version of Pro Tools, if you have an expired annual update and support plan, are to purchase either an annual or monthly subscription."

Second answer after I asked about if I'd loose the perpetual licence if I do a annual or monthly subscription:
"Apologies for my first response.
I just received word from my team, that upgrades are still being evaluated.
Rest assured that we are going to update further you regarding this."
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