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Default Re: D Command--no signal to phones

Originally Posted by oldmanpotter View Post
Thanks Steff. Since I do hear some very low level audio coming from the headphone output, I don't think the headphone amp is dead. It seem more like the internal switching that connects the various sources to the headphone jack is not functioning. By the way, the audio I hear is not the source material, but what sounds like digital noise floor, and some very slights clicks as I adjust the output encoder knob.

Yes - thats what I meant more or less

The "internal switching" and amplifying etc. is all made *somewhere*.
If this process is done in xMon (as a part of the headphone circuit) then you could do a xMon replacement test.
If all this is done in the D-Dommand itself, you would have to borrow a D-Command ... or take your xMon to a friend who's running a D-Command and check it out there.
Cheers, STeff
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