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Default Re: Resurrecting Mbox PT LE (Win XP)

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
And just announced; The Helios console that tracked Stairway To Heaven and a boatload of other major artists of that era, is being auctioned off very soon(also a Bonhams auction) I know what I'd like for Christmas, but Santa sure can't fit it down the chimney
Could sell for more. Many of these relics and important items are purchased by investors and speculators as well as enthusiasts and museums etc. The most expensive book ever auctioned was the Palimpsest of Archimedes - badly damaged and in fragile conditions, it sold to a private buyer for 2 million dollars plus 20% for Christie's Auctions. The Greek government (1.9 million) was out bid by a private secret bidder who donated the 1000_ year old manuscript to a University for analysis. (The buyer has only been recently identified as Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon)

There is currently a new trial on copyright lawsuit with regards to "Stairway to Heaven". It relates to a guitar section from a song written by the late Spirit guitarist Randy Wolfe. Apparently Led Zeppelin toured with Spirit in the early 1970s and Spirit were playing a song called Taurus which contained a similar guitar melody. I have heard it, and the similarity is there but only for a small fraction of the music. Interesting to see how this lawsuit progresses.
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