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Default Re: Help with MEZZO restore

Hello Eziofilho,

I have a working Mezzo 4.7 rig with an Exabyte 8mm drive at my place. All of the tapes (1500 or so) I generated over the years 1995 - 2003 were of the 8mm Exabyte variety, although I do have a Sony AIT firewire drive available as well. Our studio transitioned to optical media backup in 2001 and are now backing everything up to multiple hard drives. I have been working for approximately two years now to get all of the data we generated in the late 90's transferred from the defunct Mezzo format onto modern hard drives. I believe I have most of the tricky things figure out when it comes to Mezzo 4.x I am willing to help you try to get your data restored but we will need to get ahold of a working DDS 4 drive. If you have the drive and software drivers for OS 10.4 we might be in business. Another option would be to contact the folks at Pacific Data and see if they have a drive and some software available for sale. They have been very helpful to me in the past. PM me if you still need help.


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