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Default Re: How to get the Digi002 controller work with Pro Tools 12.x on Windows 10

Originally Posted by theinternerd View Post
When I first purchased my 002 rack, I invested money to have it modded by Black Lion Audio. It still sounds fantastic, and I haven't had a single issue with it. Over the years I have handed thousands upon thousands of my hard earned dollars over to Avid/Digi. And now, if I want to continue receiving PT updates and software support then I am forced to move off of Windows 7, replace a great sounding and perfectly functional interface because Avid Avid won't write a god damned driver for Windows 10? **** this ****. When a piece of music gear sounds good, you keep making music with it. I think its time for me to take my consumer dollars elsewhere. **** you. Avid.
Or, get off the "upgrade" bandwagon and keep making music with what you have. Lots of folks in Nashville are still running PT8
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