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Default HD Native vs HDX hardware insert delay compensation?

Hi all

I own HDX-3 and use a lot of hardware inserts for mixing.

Never used HD Native.

Asking for a pal -

He was planning on using his forthcoming 2018 MacBookPro plus a current Sonnet chassis and HDX-1 to allow him to get to interfaces to get hardware inserts.


as long as he doesnt need a ton of hardware inserts... could he instead use HD Native? (and not HDX plus chassis)

Does HD Native do hardware inserts as well as HDX? (within the hardware / horsepower limits of each system)

With either system...could he use his older Digi 192 interfaces?

i know they wont pass hardware Digi test, I know they wont be "approved" and I know he could not get any support from Avid....

any other guidance?

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