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Default Re: Eleven Rack Editor crashes Windows

Night Rider,
Your fix worked for me but I took a couple of added steps along the way.
I was already running win v2004 and pt 2019.12 with eleven rack but the rack editor quit working when I updated to win v2004. I got into the blue screen loop when I tried to just reinstall rack editor before using your fix. Therefore I added creating a restore point in case of a blue screen loop and uninstalling iLok license manager to the sequence. Great solution you came up with. PT, Rack and Editor working as intended here.

Solution for installing Eleven Rack Editor Windows 10 v2004:

- Download latest iLok License Manager and extract it to a folder but do not install
- Create a restore point in case something goes wrong!!!
- Uninstall present installation of iLok License Manager
- Install 11R driver and 11R Editor with PACE
- DO NOT RESTART when prompted
- Install latest iLok License Manager
- Restart
- Run 11R Editor installer once again
- Restart

Solution for upgrading to Windows 10 v2004:

- Update PACE/iLok before upgrading to Win10 v2004

Dell XPS9100 6core X5675 3.07 gHz, Eleven Rack
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