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Default Pro Tools Control App-simple, silly question

Hi guys,

Ive got a ridiculously simple, silly question but I simply cannot find it out on my own.

I'm using Pro Tools Control app on my iPad Air 2 (latest software update) with the latest PTHD12.8.2 and basically everything is working fine.

However I cannot find out how to reset my meters in the Pro Tools Control app from clipping. I've tried tapping once on the meter (like in PT itself),
I've tried tapping twice, I've tried pushing the meter/staying with my finger on the meter (on various parts of the meter, starting with the red
part like in Pro Tools itself) for a couple of seconds... without any success so far.

Ive also tried to find a solution in the Pro Tools Control App manual, again, without any success.

So, it may be a bit embarrassing, however, would you give me a hint, guys, please? How can I reset all the meters (channels and master) in the
Pro Control app on an iPad? Have I missed something or is not working here like it should? Please, let me know.

Thanks in advance,


p.s. just noticed I posted it to the wrong direction here (Pro Control), sorry. Please, admins, move it the right one (Pro Tools Control). Thanks.

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