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Default Re: 003 control surface (As audio) & control 24 as surface

I just posted a similar question. I have had some success with my M32c as my I/o and 003 controlling PT. It does require some clicking around each time you open a session but I'm ok with that as long as it does what I want.

SO, the way I achieved this is by using my m32 usb card (DN32-sub) as the playback engine, then go into the Peripherals menu>midi controllers, and assign the Command|8 in the first drop down, 003 Port 1 in the Recieved drop down, and 003 Port 3(control) in the Send To drop down.

Each time I close and reopen sessions I have to assign the playback to be the 003, save, then change back to the DN32-usb card. Each time you change playback engines it closes your session and automatically reopens it once you confirm the change. Make sure you have all the latest updates installed. I had some older versions lingering around that made it glitchy leading me to make a dreaded call to support. The tech logged into my computer and wiped out some of the non essential crap left over from years not cleaning my system before and after updates. Once he did this the only wonkyness left over was the playback engine reassignment. Again I don't think this is an officially supported configuration but it does work. But as of now I can record and mix the way I want.

I realize this isn't exactly the question at hand but this may help guide you in the right direction.
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