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Default Re: Changing the sample rate for the "Digidesign CoreAudio Manager"

Can you try trashing preferences, including the specific Core Audio preferences, per the info in the General Troubleshooting thread?
Thanks, the files mentioned in the General Troubleshooting thread didn't help (there wasn't a HD specific, right?), but that led me to com.digidesign.CoreAudioManager.plist.
Seems like only when this file is recreated the setting is read from the Audio-Midi-Setup (AMS).
How can I change this setting without trashing the whole file? I won't use a Hex-Editor as this file is binary coded.
Is it a bug or a missing feature in the CAM?
Or is there simply a deadlock between AMS writing the setting and the CAM reading an not being allowed to change it afterwards?

But thanks for your help so far, at least I am now able to achieve another clock speed
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