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Default Re: Changing the sample rate for the "Digidesign CoreAudio Manager"

Do you have any other apps open when you launch Core Audio Manager?
No, especially none that connects to CAM.

Typically the best way to change the sample rate or buffer size is to launch CAM, then launch the app you want to use - typically you would change the buffer or SR in it's hardware setup.
That's what I thought too, but as I wrote before all options except of the selected 48 kHz are greyed out.

In Waveburner, go to Preferences>Audio and make sure the Digi Core Audio is selected. You should then be able to change the SR or buffer size in CAM.
Yes I checked that. And that the setting has effect I can also see, because when I didn't start the CAM before, it is started when I press the play button in WaveBurner. Unfortunately the CAM switches the sample rate to 48 kHz exactly in that moment, when it isn't already.

What can make the CAM think that waveburner needs 48 kHz? I don't see any switch in the WB preferences...
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