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Default Re: Changing the sample rate for the "Digidesign CoreAudio Manager"

Originally Posted by mcJack View Post
Hi all,

I'm having trouble with the sample rate with ProTools.
I have the a ProTools 9 HD2 on a Mac OSX 10.6.
What I want to do is to use WaveBurner from Logic Studio 8. This needs the CoreAudio Manager to be set at 44.1 kHz to work.

For a while I could live with the workaround, see thread: . I used a PT9 44.1 kHz project to change the clock speed, and it switched to the proper speed and stuck there as it should.

But since this week, when I start the CoreAudio Manager it switches to 48 kHz, even though I changed the preference in Audio-Midi-Setup to 44.1.
The only change was a OSX update, no software update or any intentional change was made in the meantime.

- So what is the proper way to switch the clock setting?
- I can't select any other sample rate in the CoreAudio Managers HW Setup, they are all greyed out. Is this intentional?
- When I change the speed in the AudioMidiSetup, nothing happens. How can I apply my new settings?
- Is there a file which has the 48kHz setting for the CoreAudioManager and does it help to dump that one and have it recreated?

Thanks for any hint leading towards a solution...

Best regards, mcJack

The complete Setup: ProTools HD2 9.0, 2x192 I/O, MacPro 2x2,26 QuadCore, OSX 10.6.5, 12GB RAM, Command8, WaveBurner 1.5.2 (from Logic Studio Pro 8)
Do you have any other apps open when you launch Core Audio Manager?

Typically the best way to change the sample rate or buffer size is to launch CAM, then launch the app you want to use - typically you would change the buffer or SR in it's hardware setup. In Waveburner, go to Preferences>Audio and make sure the Digi Core Audio is selected. You should then be able to change the SR or buffer size in CAM.
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