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Default Re: Plugin Alliance insanity

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
Don't let one bad apple ruin the experience. Sure PA is glacially slow at fixing some bugs but remember it's not up to them to fix them but the plugin developer. If you listen to the bungholes at Gearslutz you'd think the PA SSL channel strips were ****e because the metering isn't right (according to them). Personally I don't put stock in a plugin's metering. If the plugin does what I need it to do and the metering is suspect it's nothing I worry about as I use metering plugins I have and trust. Sure it's an extra insert that needs to be tended to but frankly Scarlett I don't give a damn (cue GWTW).
I agree with you about the metering.
I work in post so a flawless automation is essential and equal to the quality of the tools I use. There is no time for workarounds and I know anyone who managed to work without rock solid automation in film mixing industry. Music is different.
I am not oversensitive regarding the DSM2 is not working correctly. I contacted the PA several times, they confirmed its a bug and told me they probably will never gonna fix it...or maybe only at v3 (funny but thats was their response). I smiled and moved on - bought Intensity which works perfectly so far. No crisis, no irritation just not supporting with my wallet the PA anymore. Luckily we have so many great processors now days.
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