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Default Alternative to Digidelivery?

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for web based FTP hosting services? Something alternative (and a little different) to Digidelivery.

Basically I want to include on my website a client page that lets a client securely log on and upload a zipped (or not) Pro Tools session to an ftp host that I can then download, mix and send them links to download the mixes.

I've looked at a few alternatives including Wiredrive (a little cost prohibitive @ $350 a month), Postspot (reasonable at around $35 a month) and Gobbler. Wiredrive and Postspot seemed a little more orientated to video post and are somewhat collaborative with client notes/revisions etc. which I don't really need or want (I'd rather do that on the phone or via a Skype session). Gobbler requires you sign up for an account and download their app, too much trouble for most people plus their current limit is 25gig.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Sean Beresford

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