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Default Re: New subscription deal???

Originally Posted by gnjlee View Post
I suppose a couple of people will do that. Just to backup your assertion, the entry point to Pro Tools historically has been a non-trivial amount of money. The license rental cost for one product is also non-trivial. Handing avid your license for a discount on a subscription that you have no guarantee of price change isn't a good idea.
Actually for NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS, even at $24.92 per month, a "Native/Vanilla" Annual Subscription is ALOT MORE than a Perpetual License annual cost...$299.04. If you get hit with the Subscription Price increase to $29.99 per month the cost goes to $359.00. can buy 3 YEARS of Perpetual Support right now, end up saving $ up front and another $600 to $720 by just staying where you are with a Perpetual License.

In other words, you can get 3 YEARS of Perpetual License Support for the price of a ONE year Annual Subscription AND save a boatload of cash IF you buy those 3 Years of Support BEFORE July 1, 2019.

The cost for EXISTING Perpetual Licensees to "CROSSGRADE" to Subscription is $99 BUT you GIVE UP your Perpetual License. It's the SAME cost as if you just bought a single year of Perpetual License Support!

Whoever thought this up in Sales and Marketing should be ashamed of themselves and those who approved it should be flogged, IMO. :)

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