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Default Re: New subscription deal???

Originally Posted by melloj View Post
You need your head examined if you surrender software you already own and "crossgrade" to a rental subscription. I paid a grand for my HD/Ultimate licence no way am I handing it back, and then continue paying to use it! Are they insane!!!? Its an attractive deal to those who cannot afford a perpetual Ultimate licence, for vanilla users they can rent as they need it. I also don't have a problem with the update plan, Waves have had one for years, but I only want to update when I need to. I've been reading posts here and elsewhere all day as I only found out about it this morning, and by almost all accounts everyone is horrified. Just reiterate what every other perpetual owner has stated,


I'll jump ship first. Reaper is supposed to be good.
I suppose a couple of people will do that. Just to backup your assertion, the entry point to Pro Tools historically has been a non-trivial amount of money. The license rental cost for one product is also non-trivial. Handing avid your license for a discount on a subscription that you have no guarantee of price change isn't a good idea.
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