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Default Re: PT 2018.10 is here


the midi routing bug that Osamu promised me would be fixed in the next release (i contacted him about it during 2018,7)

is not fixed. What a surprise.

Just that one project I was talking about, with one Vi track, i just reloaded it, and fab filter twin had lost it's connection.

This is pathetic.

I have had it, as i truly believed the promises that were being made to me for this release.

I'm out.

See ya Avid. No more of my money, ever, until basic things are fixed.

I'll check in twice a year from now on to see progress, and that's it. I mean seriously, how can reloading a song and the proper midi channels not being assigned, not be a MAJOR thing? Imagine songs with 32 Vi or even more, and midi tracks all routed to external synths. I am going to use the term outrageous and leave it there.

Hi again Logic.
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