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Default Re: PT 2018.10 is here

Hmm.. just created a new 96/64 project, added 8 stereo audio tracks and armed them, put an eq and comp on each, no issues at all.

Deleted those tracks, put one vi track (fab filter twin 2), armed it, can not play a 3 note chord, pro tools all red.

Put to 128 buffer, playable but way too high cpu usage.

Put to 256, which is the equivalent setting of 128 buffer at 44k, and once again everything is perfect, cpu is like 35%. But no other cores active, no spiking.

One thing that DID make the record armed audio tracks go nuts at 96/64 was adding a very high quality native verb.. the avid verbs are no issue though. But try Pro-R, Seventh heaven, etc.
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