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Default Re: PT 9.0.6 / High Sierra 10.13.6 ?

Originally Posted by basslik View Post
Good evening folks, I'm far behind the times, still on PT9.0.6. Anyhow I just acquired Mac Pro 2010, 2.8 quadcore. I simply swapped drives from my 2008 Mac pro and put in the 2010 pro, and fired up with no issues. So seems everything working fine with PT9. Although through the software update, apple is offering free upgrade to High sierra 10.13.6.

I aware it's not approved, but has anyone in the past had luck running this combo ?. THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Won't work without issues. I assume you've seen this page:

Even more modern versions of PT like PT10 won't work on High Sierra. For example with PT10 the last known workable OSX is 10.9.5; go past that and there are problems like blank insert menus until you mouse over an insert.

Also it sounds like you'd be doing an in-situ OSX 'upgrade' which while being the Apple Way is not recommended. You always want to do a clean install of a new OSX to a clean drive. That means installing everything from new - PT, plugins, etc. If you do that you won't be able to install PT9 on High Sierra.

The question becomes - why would you want to go to HS anyways?

edit for additional:
Also consider yourself you have PT9.06 running on Mountain Lion as the last compatible combo is PT9.06 and OSX 10.7.4 (Lion)
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