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Default PT 9.0.6 / High Sierra 10.13.6 ?

Good evening folks, I'm far behind the times, still on PT9.0.6. Anyhow I just acquired Mac Pro 2010, 2.8 quadcore. I simply swapped drives from my 2008 Mac pro and put in the 2010 pro, and fired up with no issues. So seems everything working fine with PT9. Although through the software update, apple is offering free upgrade to High sierra 10.13.6.

I aware it's not approved, but has anyone in the past had luck running this combo ?. THANK YOU VERY MUCH
MAC PRO 2010 5,1 3.46hex 96ram - Mt. Lion 10.8.5 - PT 9.O.6 003 CONSOLE /DIGIMAX FS /PCM90 2CHANNEL SPDIF

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