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Default Re: Audio interfaces

Originally Posted by bradch00 View Post
So that's why I was asking, Macs are coming with Thunderbolt and USB and that may be a determining factor in an interface, although you can get a FW to Thunderbolt adapter, it may also be an additional point of complexity for trouble shooting. And I would recommend an i7 processor.
Ya, gonna go w/ a Mac. The audio part is WAY more important to me; I could really give a [bleep][bleep][bleep][bleep] about the video game part. I was thinking about ways I could record drums w/ the Apollo Twin. I have a KORG D16 recording unit. I could always record additional tracks w/ that, then sync it to PT. I'd also have to match up the tracks manually, which might be a pain in the ass. Also, the D16 does 24bit, but only goes to 48k. If I was to combine tracks recorded in 24/192 w/ ones in 24/48, would that cause any problems? Obviously the d16 mic pres don't come close the the UA's.

I have until Dec 31 to make a decision. That's when the UA plugin promo ends, which includes the 610 micpre that uses the unison tech.
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