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Default Re: Whoopi! Studio Vision Pro works on 9.2.2 & 001

This brings back memories. I spent many many hours in SVP during the 1990s. So sad when it and OMS went away.

I don't understand the MIDI questions. A Standard MIDI File will play on anything. I've exported SMFs from SVP on Mac and imported them into PT and many other programs on both Mac and PC. It's just MIDI. It doesn't care about platform. Export MIDI to SMF from any program on any platform, copy to any system, import into any audio program, reassign each track to an appropriate instrument, end of story.

When you copy a file from Mac to Windows, the resource forks are stripped automatically. You don't need any special software, just some way to transfer the files from OS9 to XP. A USB flash drive, ftp, email attachment, CD-R, something like that.

WAV is WAV. Broadcast WAV just allows more metadata. If SVP can write BWF, fine, but it's not necessary. Plain WAVs will work just as well.
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