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Default Whoopi! Studio Vision Pro works on 9.2.2 & 001

On a G-4 w/ that buggy Altivec!!!!

Can you believe it. Days and days of digitest errors and changing slot order taking cards out, open firmware (forgot what that was didn't you?)

Anyway. Written for 8.6 even USB Opcode MIDI driver works. I'm stoked. But if for some reason I try to startup Pro Tools a clean install of 5.1.1 it breaks the 001 card. 4 days more of this crap and I'll be committed.

What is the point? Consolidate tracks. Save to standardized MIDI.

QUESTION: So now I have to remove resource forks from everything. So do I use Pro Tools? Import and save enforce/mac etc? Do I then have to boot into Tiger or Panther then re-save?

I should convert the SD-1 and SD-2 files to wav. And use broadcast wav or?

Also. Since I am familiar with OMS and FreeMIDI but have not dealt at all with OS-X core midi how do I handle MIDI so that I have Standardized MIDI for either Tiger or Leopard PPC on PTs 7.4 and also PTs 8 on a W_7 ASUS quadcore?

Is there a trick app or something that Rip Van Winkle missed while dozing off? I have a lot of sequenced based songs recorded in SVP 4.2 as well older Vision stuff (just Midi) I need to bring out of legacy into a more modern system.

What is the best way to handle Core MIDI export to W_7 or XP? I plan on using PTs 8.1 and Reaper beta 64 bit. But to be honest. I have never even unzipped or installed any audio/MIDI app from W-95 on... never. I am flying blind here.

Can someone offer an old dawg in pain, forcing myself to sit here and type? Got to get back my creativity brothers and sisters. Lay it out for me.
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