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Default Re: AAE ERROR -30001 - with PSP VintageWarmer 2 and other PSP plugins

Originally Posted by Eric Lambert View Post
Last week I went to PSP's site and downloaded all plugins again, even though the version numbers hadn't changed. After installing, all plugins which I own (and it's most of PSP's) are displayed correctly. I don't know if PSP made changes or if it's related to ProTools updates but I don't care - they're working!
I've gone further than that. I reinstalled the whole PC.

The tricky part is that if I start a new PT session I have no issues adding psp plugins to it, however if I try to add psp plugins to an already buzy session then I see the error.

Also, if I add a psp plugin early in a session it will continue to work even as the session grows, however it will not work if I start adding psp's late. It is really a tricky bug this one.

Btw, all other plugs I own that are axx 64-bit compatible on a PC works fine. And I own quite a few plugins gathered over the years.

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