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Default AAE ERROR -30001 - with PSP VintageWarmer 2 and other PSP plugins


Anyone else having issues with using PSP Audioware AAX plugins in PT 11.1.3 on x64 Windows 8.1 (update 1)(*)?

I can use PSP Audioware plugins if I start a blank session and use no other plugins, but if I use for instance VintageWarmer2 on a more complex session with multiple tracks, busses and other plugins I will get an AAE ERROR -30001 and for every new PSP Audioware plugin I add the AAE ERROR will occure with an increment fo the error code - i.e. -30002, -30003 ... -3000n.

I've seen the error with VintageWarmer2, OldTimer, RetroQ, ClassicQ, BussPressor and more, but I've not seen it with PPM2.

Any ideas what this is and how to run Diagnostics? I've raised a support question with PSP Audioware and are awaiting their response.


(* The PC was reinstalled from the buttom up this very week. I had the issue on the previous installation also.)

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