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Default Re: Problem Eleven rack with tube amp

You have the proper way to connect the 11R with your tube amp for 4CM.
BUT, this 4CM method is only good for effects as using 11R as preamps will go like "an amp (11R) in an amp (Fender)" and will not sound good. If you want to use 11R amp modeling you need to connect:
Guitar -> 11R Guitar input
11R Output to Amp 1 (Rig Output No Cab) -> Power amp in (return amp)

Remember that even if only using the power section and the speaker of your tube amp, it will have a coloration you will like, or not. I had mixed results: didn't like my Carvin combo but raved my Peavey Classic 60/60 and 4x12" Celestion G12K-85 cab.

Back to 4CM.
What 11R effects you send to your amp depend of where you place your fx loop, everything before the fx loop will go in front of your amp and everything after the fx loop will go after your amp (preamp). I think the switch or the back should be set to Stompbox.

I am not in front of my 11R right now but instructions should be in the "ball park".
Set your tube amp to have a clean sound that you like, no reverb.
On 11R set the output to Rig Out No Cab and create a new rig. On that new rig, do something like this:
(input)(wha)(fx1)(dist)(mod)(vol)(amp)(cab)(fx loop)(fx2)(dly)(rev)(output)
Disable all blocks (including amp and cab).
Go to (input) block, set True-Z to Auto and set level properly.
Go to (fx loop) block, enable, set mix 100%, set to mono and adjust level properly.
Go to (output) block and adjust level properly, it can help also switching your display to Outputs Mode and make sure everything is at unity gain (you can also plug your guitar directly to your tube amp and disconnect 11R to make sure the sound is identical).

Your 11R is now setup the same as plugging a Tube Screamer in front of your amp and your should have a nice blues/rock sound. Enable/Disable distortion block with the front button to go from clean to drive.

Give us some feedback.

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